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Cicatrix is the solo project of Josh Smith, a mergence of electronic sound with live instruments. Trying to disassociate from the repetitive structure of many of the counterparts in the same industry, Cicatrix is about bringing a unique and live vibe, which can be brought to the studio and to the live stage.
Beginning in '99, Josh collaborated with musical counterparts on Cicatrix's debut named "the.sklight.e.p.". Rebecca Hudson was the main collaborator, adding her effortless vocals onto two of the four tracks on the e.p. The e.p. gained great responses from many who listened and achieved interest from labels.
Work started on the full length L.P. including new faces to the project. Steve Aston and Ian Bell joined the collaborators list as songs came slowly but productively. A new chapter of Cicatrix started as the project was taken to a live stage. Long time collaborators Rebecca Hudson and Steve Aston joined the live setup, with 3 new faces joining the crew.
Will and Phil were found through a mutual admiration for all things electronic. Will experimented with drum and bass rhythms, while Phil brought a definite Trip-Hop edge to the proceedings. Dave Morrison was found through a mutual respect for everything alternative. A punk drummer by trade, he gave up his drum sticks to take up role as head of samples and decks in the band. A new discipline for him, he soon became an integral part of Cicatrix adding that subtle yet definitive part of the mix that makes the sound come together.
We are currently in a new chapter of Cicatrix. With the completion of "Shots in the Dark", the full length L.P, that has been two years in the making and shows a lot of growth from the early tracks, even though the vision is still there. Recent collaboration with Deborah John has added another unique and vital edge to the album. Coinciding with the finish of the album, Cicatrix will be signing to Aardvark records who has shown interest in the project since "the.skylight.ep". The current line up for Cicatrix:live will be in a state of reflux as many are leaving for University, but will definitely be reformed in time.
New faces, new music, new inspiration. A scary yet exciting time for Cicatrix. Please check the website for all the updates on what is happening, including gigs, recordings, cds and much more.