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DarcMarc (Purenoise & Maximum Minimum)

Style: Hard Percussive Techno to Funky Groovy Techno

Labels featured on: Purenoise, Rough Diamond, Antidote, Cluster, Maximum Minimum, Havok, Stay Up Forver, Lifeform Recordings, Decomplex Audio, Subvert, Gazole & Highway 46.

DarcMarc is a dj / producer who’s producing talents are starting to get recognized all over the globe. Working alongside such people as Chris Liberator, Lenny Dee & Andreas Kremer he is firmly making his imprint on the techno scene.

DarcMarc got his first taste of techno in 1990 when he went to raves in Plymouth. Nights such as Extreme, Alpha and The Wasp Factory at The Academy and The Warehouse all helped to feed a growing appetite for a new wave of music and its associated culture.

By the time Marc started DJing techno and hardcore in 1991, the whole Plymouth thang had died down and the festival and free party scene had become a lot more inviting. Most weekends were spent traveling the country in search of gatherings and D.I.Y., Lazy House, Circus Warp & Spiral Tribe had become familar names. However, when marc started a club night called Fresh he saw his musical style evolve from house to hard house and onto techno.

Next he became a resident DJ at the Fun Factory, playing on a regular basis at clubs and parties around the South of England. In 1994 he launched, Impact, a new techno and hard house night @ The Lanterns, Ashburton, Devon. Impact was very successful and ran for two years, bringing together such DJs as Scorpio, Shane (Eat Static tour DJ), Martian, Rowland The Bastard & DJP, with help from residents Muntya, Johnny T and Sleeping Mutant.

This fortnighty event attracted people from all over the South West who were impressed by the efforts made with sound, decor, lights and projections that ensured that the right environment was created. During this time Marc also played in a band called Blue Funk which mixed elements electro, funk and techno to create a unique style.

In 1998 Marc moved to London to further his music career and has been playing regularly at clubs, squat parties for systems like Sonic Trash Disko, Kinetec and Underground Sound as well as RPM in Glasgow and Twisted in Edinburgh.

In 2000 Marc formed Purenoise with Matt Walker to release the music he had been writing in Kinetec Studios, The label was eventually launched in February 2001 and is now on its forth release and has featured artists such as Andreas Kremer from Germany and Rob Tryptomene from Canada.

Also in this year he has been working closly with Cheeky Charas, a label collective from Devon, on a new techno label called Rough Diamond and remixes for other labels in this collective.

At the beginning of 2001 a new studio was set up called Hardware Noise Studio in North London with Darcmarc, Chris Liberator, Rowland the Bastard and Dave Bush, this has already been an output for many releases. Also he has been engineering for other artists such as Sterling Moss for Raceway Recordings and Mick Beetle for Havok Records.

2002 sees a lot more releases including such labels as Maximum Minimum, Havok and Cluster. Marc has now started causing a storm on the DJ circuit playing his own style of hard edged techno. This was enhanced by becoming a resident for Filthy Rotten Tekno and Free Energy in London and also becoming a member of the Stay Up Forever DJ agency.

In June he Played with Rave Patrol In Curitchiba & Sao Paolo, Brazil. The latter gig was for the world cup final.

In July he went back to Calgary, Canada. He has also played 3 times in Naples, Italy Marsaille, France and Belfast, Ireland this summer.

Other places he has played this summer include Marsaille, France and Belfast, Ireland.

Marc also received single of the month in WAX magazine from Andy Farley for Break Force on Cluster 48.

In the latter part of 2002 Marc has started working on some projects with Industrial Strengths Lenny Dee. With already a release on Maximum Minimum with Chris Liberator, Gazole & Highway 46 from uWe in Paris.

2003 sees the releases starting to flow with regular releases as you can see in the list below and has started to really work on his DJ sets playing at Technosis @ The Fridge, regular squatt parties and recently hitting the crowds in Venuzeula to name a few.

In 2004 he has started working closely with MFM Sound with their parties in London called Chemical Warefare and Urban Industry.