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Southampton based DJ and producer Aengus Gladwin has a fascination with inventive and experimental music. He runs the Southampton based Breaks and Electro night Critical Breaks, now in its fourth year, as well as playing regularly at various events in Southampton and the South Coast.
As his alter ego Dizzy G, he is part of the Visionfunk collective, playing everything from funk, reggae, hiphop and house, through to abstract electronica, digi-dub and detroit techno. As Eoin, however, he keeps it electronic, mostly pretty heavy, and around 120-150bpm. Critical Breaks stands out in Southampton for dedication to high level bass, utilising either the Visionfunk Soundsystem, or another high performance set-up. Consequently, Eoin's sound is centred around bassline driven music, primarily the glitchy electro-breaks sound of Fuel recordings, Bless, and Trigger. However, he plays a very eclectic set, breaking this up with everything from Ghetto-Tech/Miami Bass, Old School Rave, Dubstep, bassline-driven Techno, and Broken Beat.
Away from peak-time, favours Electro and old ‘Nu-School’ Breaks (it always was a stupid prefix). Current favourite sub-genres are techno without a 4:4 beat, the detroit-flavoured side of Broken Beat and, as ever, certain bits and pieces of ‘Experimental’ (Warp, Rephlex, etc), which fit well with his other main styles.
Likes to DJ on 3 decks and FX, occasionally with a laptop and text-to-speech program to add random vocals, or a reggae siren. Spontaneity is key - believes the crowd should never know what will hit them next, and constantly be expecting the unexpected. Also believes it is never necessary to play anthems people know to get people dancing, or keep them dancing. With the wealth of innovative music out there, there is always something out there funky, crazy, or just damn catchy enough to get people wiggling without them having to have heard it many times before.
Also: Works in Southamptons main independent record shop, DNA. Experiments with live visuals. Possesses a stupid haircut. Is working on a Theory of Everything.