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Jackie Misfit (mfm sound)

Jackie Misfit has been working with decks mixing sound and Dj'ing for the last 2 years. Bringing her own indomitable style and panache to the clubs of London and the hardcore techno crowd. Her style is hard and fast.

Misfits is a collective of women DJ's of London, formed by four girls with a love of different styles of music from Funky-House, Electro, Techno and Acid-Techno.

Jackie hails from Lake Garda in Italy which has given her a unique blend of Italian hardcore mixed with a techno influence from the UK. She is part of the MFM sound system in London which organises parties in the Mass in Brixton. Working with names such as Mark Axel and Fabsid.

Jackie Misfit is also a member of Purity, which is a electro-rock band, made up of 4 female artistes.

She plays electric guitar, keyboards and is an accomplished singer and mixer.

You can see Jackie playing on the 19th of June at the Mass Brixton.