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mark axel

There is a debate raging under the seemingly calm surface of electronic music that threatens to rage for sometime. Does techno need to look good? Some artists go to great lengths to make a show go with their audio, desperate not to look like some geek hiding behind turntables.

Mark Axel isnít desperate. He doesnít need to worry about this particular techno storm because when you see him play youíre looking at authenticity itself. Thatís what itís about? Really being there, really listening. When you see him stand tall, riding the mixer, looking straight out to the crowd heís with, you know heís loving those bouncing beats that slam in your face chugging along and along for an eternity. Mark Axelís got a sense of time and awareness of sound that brings life to anything with a kick drum.

This affinity with the audience hasnít just made Mark Axel a fascinating DJ, it has seen him become the fastest growing promoter on the London Techno scene. Every 2 months, Brixtonís Mass club welcomes MFM Sound, a unique balance of world-class techno and down to earth people who are there for one thing only, to enjoy the music! Forget glow sticks - MFMís inclusive vibe has hit the capital at just the right time.

This all-nighter attracts a discerning crowd bored with the impersonal, bland alternatives on offer elsewhere. The formula has proved so popular Axel is to launch Urban Industry in May 2004. An event that promises be an intimate, high calibre techno gathering organised in partnership with the groovy minimal techno live act that is be sure to buy your tickets way in advance. &