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On AudioMicroDevice, Leary encompasses two of the most contradictory elements found in electronic music. Assembling complex, abrasive, beat structures as foundation to his compositions, he then superimposes delicate evolving melodies, positioning his music as a missing link between the architectural intricacy of the likes of Autechre or Aphex Twin, and the more melodic approach by Plaid or Boards Of Canada. The first five tracks of AudioMicroDevice work on a similar perspective, extracting disarmingly simple melodies from chaotic rhythmic patterns. Low Grav Freefall opens the album with a tiny electric piano line, before an uncompromising breakbeat-style pattern kicks in to punctuate the atmospheric elements.
The track develops in the cleverest way, before ending as it started, almost, with serene waves of analogue sounds. Children Playing With Lego and Render follows pretty much the same idea, although the later one displays a simpler, more accessible beat construction mode. Reverse Engineering slowly builds up from early glitches and waves to accommodate a bouncing drum configuration. Here, the relationship between melody and rhythm is far more intricate, as both elements react closely to each other. A magnificent piece of computer trickery, Reverse Engineering is amongst the most accomplished moments of this album.
Dark and introvert, Lachryma offers a slightly different side of Learyís musical abilities. The man takes a melodious piano line and develops around it some dense ambience, before reverting to the original tune. The audacious reshaping of Beethovenís Moonlight Sonata is, if anything else, a humorous take on this classic. The interpretation is unfortunately too constrained to really work. Leary then goes on to explore hypnotic configurations (Kaleidoscape), cheap analogue symphonic electro (the under-produced Neverminded), and electronic romanticism (System Failure). The album concludes with the evocative High Altitude Mix of Low Grav Freefall, which sees the opening track get a sensitive reworking, a beta version of Reverse Engineering, and Esign, a cinematic moment of pure chilled-trance sound whirlwind.