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Paddy Freeform (Universal Vibes)

After picking up the DJ bug while working in a record shop in the early 90's, Paddy Freeform has gone on to forge a career taking in several high profile residencies and playing at just about every open minded party in the North East of England.

The first step in this career was setting up the legendary OCP collective, A group of artists and DJs (including drum and bass artists Hidden Agenda and Elementz of Noize) who joined together to orgainse parties and push the new music that was coming out of the collective. Some of this music was picked up by labels such as Metalheadz (Hidden Agenda)and SOUR/Emotif (Elements of Noize), leading to the collective reaching beyond the local area. DJ slots followed around Europe, including appearances at the legendary Tivoli in Utrecht, Holland and Soulride, an infamous week long snowboard/ music event held every year in the Swiss alps, where Paddy has become a regualr fixture after playing for the last four years.

Meanwhile back home, with the crew's profile reaching ever greater heights, OCP were busy organising some of the area's earliest drum and bass parties, including appearances by Goldie & Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem and Grooverider, all supported by Paddy Freeform. A radio show (Freebass) also started on the North East's only all dance music station Ice FM, which saw Paddy Start to dabble in music outside the drum and bass genre. this eclecticism was further explored at the OCP's longest running residency, a small bar called the Telegraph. Taking place every Saturday night, the Telegraph became a legend in Newcastle's club history attracting a large pre-club crowd with its' freestyle beats music policy and funky atmosphere. Further guest slots around the UK allowed Paddy to fully explore the "Freestyle beats" style, taking in beats, breaks, house hip hop and jazzy sounds. This style has carried over into the Paddy Freeform sound of today and is perhaps what he is now best known for.

OCP disbanded around three years ago, and since then Paddy has gone on to promote and DJ at some of Newcastle's most forward thinking nights, including Reverb, Eclectic, Subway and of course his own night, method lounge. Paddy is also a regular fixture around the city at bars, free parties and anywhere with decks and an open mind!

The last year has also seen Paddy set up his own studio, after dabbling with a couple of remixes as part of an outfit called Covert a couple of years ago. Paddy is currently working on a raft of new material under the production moniker of "Appplied Science". An internet radio site is also in the pipeline, called This will go live in the next couple of weeks and will feature a large, constantly updated selection of leftfield music.