digitalsoul digitalsoul
Stuart Holt

At 5 he took up the piano and tried to use it as if it was a computer. Later he took up the computer and tried to use it the other way round. He likes repeating patterns, repeating them again and again. He likes playing around with their accompaniment, their rhythm and key and other variables software and hardware allow. He enjoys seeing and hearing how other people use software and hardware. Good balance is good. He likes building tension and releasing tension. Subtle variation is good, extreme ones for other moods, also good. Light does one thing, darkness another thing. Flashing coloured lights and lasers are sometimes thrilling, visuals confusing but sometimes enlightening. He likes music in good spaces. Volume is important and level is hard to get right. Samplers are fantastic, synthesizers are fantastic. They seem the same, natural and fake like humans and digital machines. He likes different people listening to one music.

Stuart Holt started up DigitalSoul in 1998 to help him do some of the things he likes.